If you're like our other students, it's likely that:

  • You are struggling to figure out how to get customers and convert them into paying the price you ask for your photography when there are other cheaper options.

  • You wonder why some photographers charge thousands of dollars and stay in business while others who hardly charge anything go out of business.

  • You are tired of being better than the other guy, but not as successful.

  • You're confused about what to say to potential customers.

  • You would feel like a fraud if you charged (what you're worth) for your photography.

  • You're concerned about being replaced at your day job and need to figure out how to make money from your passion.

  • You suffer from a lack of confidence.

  • You think you’re too old to start.

  • You wish there was a way to turn your passion into a realistic full time income stream.

  • You are making a bit of money but can’t figure out how to make enough to live on.


Working a fraction of the time that you are now and still making the same money.

Having more time to spend with your family or growing your business.

Not having to answer to anyone or doing things you don’t want to.

Knowing how to create an income from doing something you love.

Waking up excited about the day ahead.

No stress!

There are other photography courses online.
How is this one different?

You’re NOT going to learn how to use a camera or what settings to use. 

You ARE  going to learn how to make money doing something you love. 

This course focuses on the systems and processes to create a 7-figure photography business.

Learn how to tell if you’re charging enough to be profitable.

Discover how to find your ideal customer and deal with objections.

Understand how to write your own script - which will become a repeatable system.

Know the words to say to get people to book with you!

What Paul Velissaris of Velissaris Photography, has to say about the course...

"If I had access to this when I was starting out, my journey would have been much quicker and smoother. It just tells you this stuff that takes years to figure out on your own.

An invaluable resource for anyone who is wanting to get into the business of portrait photography or just improve their current studio bottom line."

Become a more confident business operator when you know how to:

  • Work out the figures that run your business so that you can make confident forecasts about your income.

  • Stop procrastinating which will give you more confidence.

  • Set realistic targets where you can achieve the result which will get you into the habit of creating systems.

  • Know who is most likely to buy from you so that you can minimise dealing with time wasters.

  • Overcome objections, use logical reasons why buying from you makes so much sense.

  • Write scripts that help you influence people so that it becomes second nature to know what to say in any conversation.

  • Convert enquiries into bookings by having an armoury of carefully crafted responses designed to influence people.

What Jude Mahony of Founder and MD, Optimal Resourcing has to say about your instructor...

"It seems that in the age of Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and the numerous other social media platforms out there, that everyone is a photographer. I’ve only seen a handful of people make any money out of it and Mark Lait is one of the few I’ve seen build a substantial business that isn’t just a one-man band, but a thriving multi-million dollar organisation.

Mark’s commercial acumen, drive for innovation and ability to flex with the markets has been inspiring to watch over the years. If I wanted to grow a photography business, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

Everything you need to know to create A SEVEN FIGURE INCOME FROM PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY is in this course.

BUT you won’t be paying thousands of dollars for a course that is going to end with you having to spend even more to get to the next level.

If I was to teach you this personally you would be paying in excess of $10,000, but enrol today and $97 AUD is all you’ll pay for this comprehensive insight into how to start a photography business from scratch - taught by someone who will show you the ropes.

Rest assured that if you are not 100% happy with the course content, you’re covered by our 7 day money back guarantee.Just let us know by email within 7 days of purchase and we will refund your payment, no questions asked.
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Meet Your Instructor, Mark Lait

This course if for you if:

  • You’re tired of being married to the company.

  • You want to live your one life, the way you want to.

  • You want to work a fraction of what you do now.

  • You want to gain confidence and overcome fear.

  • You want to do something you love.

  • You want to call the shots.

  • You want to dictate the terms of your own life.

  • You need someone to guide you - who's already done it!

What Stephen Baugh, Queensberry (CEO), has to say about your instructor...

"We've had a very supportive relationship with Mark and his portrait Photography business for several years now. Mark has a lot to say about selling prints and products — and I know he practises what he preaches because of the many albums and books we've made for him over the years! It certainly works well for him, so I’m confident there’s plenty here for newbies to learn from, and for experienced photographers to use as a yardstick to critique how they run their businesses."


  • How long will this course be available to me?

    Once purchased, you will have access to the existing, and new content as it is added, for 90 days.

  • Is there any support?

    Yes, you'll get an invite to join our private Facebook community for students when you enroll.

  • How long will it take to complete this course?

    That depends on your level of application. Some people complete in a week, others take a while longer.

  • What if I’m not ready?

    Have you got a camera and commitment? You’re ready!

  • Am I going to need a studio?

    No you won’t. If you’ve got a park nearby, you’ve already got one.

  • I’m not confident with people.

    That will change with time and results, it always does.

  • Aren’t there already too many photographers?

    Yes, just like there are too many dentists and graphic designers and everything else! Don't use this as an excuse to not start.